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Our seasoned team prioritizes your family's interests. With the help of Hightower's team of research professionals, our advisors strive to provide protection and growth for your investments.


At Presidio, an integral part of our financial planning process is to determine an efficient way to coordinate investment planning, strategies, and decision-making for our clients in accordance with their financial plans.

We achieve this by setting goals and objectives, creating an Investment Policy Statement, reviewing your current portfolio, and making informed decisions.

Setting Goals & Objectives

Decisions about what, where, and how to invest should be coordinated with long-term goals and objectives.

Let us walk you through our process of determining if an investment, investment strategy, or overall portfolio allocation makes sense as they are coordinated with goals, objectives, and the overarching financial plan.

Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

Once the plan is in place, we draft an investment policy statement that will define the allocation’s framework, benchmarks, and other key performance indicators as performance metrics that hold your investment advisors accountable.

Reviewing Current Portfolio vs. IPS

Once the IPS is written and approved, we analyze the existing portfolio to determine if it complies.

We use the power of advanced research tools such as Morningstar Workstation and Bloomberg to assist us with our analysis.

Informed Decision-Making

With a comprehensive financial plan and IPS in place, you now have the tools to make informed investment decisions with our help, guidance, and monitoring.

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