Retirement Planning

Holistic approach to retirement planning.

Presidio helps you coordinate your overall estate, retirement, investment, and business succession objectives to maintain your wealth.


Ideally, retirement planning should start when you’re young to help ensure that your plan is on track, regardless of which stage of life you are in.

Our team will help guide you, determine whether you’re on track for your hard-earned retirement and, most importantly, share tools and strategies to help you succeed throughout your retirement.

Planning for Retirement

Planning for Retirement The R.I.T.E. Way®

Like most Americans, you’ve spent decades working and planning to save for retirement, but are you going about it the R.I.T.E. Way®?

Our retirement planning process—Retirement Income Taxed Efficiently—will help you better plan financially toward your goals. During your working years, you’ve been funneling funds into IRAs, 401(k)s, workplace retirement plans, and other taxable accounts. We review your income and cash flows to help you avoid tax loss prematurely, and ultimately channel an ongoing adequate income stream for your retirement years.

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