Private Deals & Alternative Investments

Strategic diversification.

Our team specializes in helping clients identify private deals and alternative investments through nationwide sourcing and access with a scale to better negotiate terms.


As you consider your strategic investments, private market investments can add significant value to portfolios.

Listen in as Hightower Advisors Private Markets Head Robert Picard talks about what to look for in alternate investments.

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In addition to our traditional portfolio management services, our team specializes in helping clients identify private deals and alternative investments.

In today's volatile world, private deals can bring significant diversification and access to areas of investment not often found in public markets.

  • Investment advisory approach to alternative investments

  • Flexibility to invest in both mainstream and niche investment opportunities

  • Institutional infrastructure

  • Critical size to negotiate terms with third-party managers

  • Strategic partnerships / anchor investments with third-party managers

Private Equity
& Venture Capital

Private equity investments in companies via third-party managers that offer possible growth and return enhancement.

Hedge Fund

Single manager hedge funds and fund of funds that seek to dampen volatility while outperforming the traditional equity and fixed income markets.

Special Situations

Niche strategies designed to take advantage of complex and misunderstood situations that often originate from shifting market trends or market dislocations.

Private Credit

Private credit and debt investments through third-party managers that help provide investors with yield and uncorrelated returns.

Real Estate
& Infrastructure

Private investments in real estate through third-party managers that seek diversified risk adjusted returns and serve as a hedge against inflation.

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