Multi-Generational Financial Planning

Layered success.

Our strategic and holistic financial planning process identifies customized solutions that help safeguard your wealth and allow you to make informed decisions for managing multi-generational assets, estate planning, and business succession.


Multi-Generational Financial Planning Pyramid SVG

  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Zero Estate Tax Planning
  • Qualified Personal Remainder Trust
  • Grantor Retained Annuity Trust
  • Sale of Assets

Use the $12.92 Million per individual onetime exemption (in 2023) to make lifetime gifts of corporate stock or family partnership assets, taking advantage of available valuation discounts

  • $17K/$34K Annual Gift Tax Exclusion
  • Family Spendthrift Trust (with generational tax provisions), possibly funded with life insurance
  • Wills ($12.92 Million in 2023 per individual)
  • Revocable Living Trust
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Asset Titling/Ownership of Existing Insurance
  • Determine if current and future standard of living and cash flow needs will be satisfied

Multi-Generational Estate & Asset Protection Planning

As your estate has grown, decisions on how you grow, protect, and ultimately distribute your estate to be fully aligned with your legacy plan may have been neglected.

Early in life, your estate plan was designed to protect your family if you were not around. Now, it may need to be revised in order to grow, protect, and distribute your estate to family or charities. In addition, as estates grow and become more complex, you will have to also contend with that pesky "heir," Uncle Sam. Paying estate and transfer taxes can be substantially reduced or even eliminated with thoughtful planning.

Investment & Portfolio Management

Our seasoned team prioritizes your families interests.

With the help of Hightower's team of research professionals, our advisors strive to provide protection and growth for your investments. Within our financial planning process at Presidio, we collaborate with you on how to coordinate investment planning strategies with your financial plan.

Tax Planning Strategies

Taxes can be one of the biggest impediments to growing your wealth, now and for the next generation.

All of our planning strategies view the horizon with a goal of minimizing the tax hit to your financial plan. Does your current financial plan take into consideration:

  • How to minimize income taxes currently?

  • How future tax law changes may impact your plan?

  • Strategies to minimize taxation in the future?

  • How to better use existing tax breaks, deductions, and credits?

  • The impact of estate tax or other transfer taxes?

  • The current and future tax benefits of strategically giving to charity?

Risk Management

Throughout life, you encounter countless risks. Many financial risks can be avoided.

Some are imposed on you by predators, creditors, in-laws, or other extended family. Have you worked with your team to identify those risks and implement solutions to avoid them? Insuring against those risks can prevent them from derailing your financial plan. We will work with you to put in place planning and insurance solutions to help make sure that your family’s goals will be protected now and into the future.

Family Business Succession & Exit Strategies

For decades, vast wealth has been created for millions of Americans through growing private businesses.

In our experience, most owners neglect to think about the future of their businesses beyond their own lives. Do you have a written plan in place to ensure that either:

  • Your business has a life expectancy longer than your own?

  • You or your family will be able to maximize the value of your business through thoughtful succession or an ultimate sale of your business?

If your answer to either of those questions is “no,” we can help.

Business Succession & Exit Planning

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